St Chad's South Hill

Serving the Catholic Community Since 1670


Welcome to St Chad's RC Church. Thank you for visiting us.  

We hope you will enjoy discovering more about our parish and the service we provide

to the Catholic Community here in Lancashire.


Mass & Service times for week beginning 16th December 2018

Sunday 16th December - 9.00 am Mass

Tuesday - 9.15 am Mass 

Wednesday - 9.15am Eucharistic Service 

Thursday 20th & Friday 21st December  - 5.30pm Advent Recollections and Mass  

Saturday 22nd December - 5.00 pm Vigil Mass

  Saturday 23rd December -  9.00 am Mass    


 Christmas Masses

                                                                                            Monday 24th   Christmas Eve                St Chad's  6.30pm         St Bede's    8.30pm

                                                                                            Tuesday 25th   Christmas Day               St Chad's  9.00am          St Bede's 11.00am

                                                                                            Wednesday 26th  St Stephen                St Chad's   10.30am       St Bede's    9.15am

                                                                                            No  Masses or Eucharistic Services on 27th and 28th Dec. at either parish

                                                                                            Tuesday 1st January New Year's Day     St Chad's    9.15am        St Bede's   10.30am

                                                                                            All other Masses as usual



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