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Priest-in-charge:  Fr George Cheeramkuzhy

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17th March 2019.  Week 2 of LENT Year C

                               MASSES                                                                                        INTENTIONS                                                     FEASTS

Mar 16th               Saturday  5.00 pm  Vigil MASS                                                    Maureen Hughes

Mar 17th               Sunday  9.00 am   MASS                                                             Parishioners

12.30pm   Baptism.   Poppy McCarney

Mar 18th             Monday  No Mass or Eucharistic Service                                                                                                   St Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop

Mar 19th             Tuesday  9.15 am Mass                                                                Brian Gray R.I.P                                     Solemnity of St Joseph

Mar 20th             Wednesday  9.15 am Eucharistic SErvice

Mar 21st              Thursday  9.15 am MASS                                                              Harry, Jane & Jack Starkey

7.00 pm  Stations of the Cross

Mar 22nd              Friday  No Mass or Eucharistic Service

Mar 23rd              Saturday   5.00 pm Vigil MASS                                                       Jack, Margaret & David Nolan          St Turibius of Mogrovejo, Bishop

Mar 24th              Sunday   9.00 am MASS                                                                 Vincent Noblet


EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT:  Saturday 4.00pm          CONFESSIONS: Saturday 4.15- 4.45pm.   The  ROSARY is said at 8.55am before 9.15am Mass / Eucharistic Service.

ST BEDE'S MASS TIMES:    Sat 6.30pm,  Sun  10.30am,  Wed and Fri  9.15am

STATIONS OF THE CROSS:  7.00 pm each Thursday in Lent

THE BLUE COLLECTION BOX FOR LENTEN ALMS is labelled in the porch - 'for Nugent Care, the poor of the Archdiocese'

CHANGE OF MASS TIME AT ST CHAD'S. Please note, with effect from Saturday 27th April 2019. the Saturday Vigil Mass will be celebrated at 4.30pm.

MESSAGE FROM FR GEORGE:  Glimpses of the future   Luke 9:28-36       

Today the Church celebrates the feast of the Transfiguration. Jesus took three of his disciples to the mount Tabore where he was transformed while he was praying and his clothes became dazzling white. In order to explain that let me present a short story to you. (Actually, I don’t know the source of the story.)

“Twins, a sister and brother were talking to each other in the womb. The little sister said to her brother, ‘I believe that there is life after birth!’ Her brother protested: ‘No, no, this is all there is. This is a dark and cosy place, and we have nothing else to do but to cling on to the cord that feeds us.’ But the little girl insisted: ‘There must be something more than this dark place, there must be something else where there is light and freedom to move.’ Still she could not convince her brother.

Then...after some silence, she said hesitantly: ‘I have something else to say, and I am afraid you won’t believe that either, but I think there is a mother!’ Her little brother now became furious: ‘A mother, a mother, what are you talking about? I have never seen a mother and neither have you. Who put that idea in your head? As I told you, this place is all we have so let’s be content.’ The little sister finally said: ‘Don’t you feel this pressure sometimes? Its really unpleasant and sometimes even painful.’ ‘Yes,’ he answered, ‘what’s special about that?’ ‘Well,’ the sister said, ‘I think this pressure is there to get us ready for another place, much more beautiful than this, where we will see our mother face to face! Don’t you think that’s exciting!’

In the Transfiguration, Peter, James and John saw that there was more to Jesus than what they could see and hear and touch, they got a glimpse of the future glory of Jesus.

Our celebration of Jesus’ Transfiguration during Lent reminds us of the glory of Jesus risen from the dead after the crucifixion. It reminds us that the penance of Lent will give way to the joy of Easter. We, however, are like the twin sister in the story, we believe even though we do not see. There are times when God sends us his consolations and we get little glimpses of God’s presence in our lives and his love for us. These are little transfigurations that keep us going when times are tough. This feast reminds us that Heaven is our destiny. The transfiguration of Jesus on the mountain is also awaiting each of us after death. In the second reading today Paul wrote, “our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we also await a saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. He will change our lowly body to conform with his glorified body ...” (Phil 3:20-21).     God Bless. Fr George

HOUSE BLESSING  is a very important sacramental which every priest does annually. It is part of the pastoral responsibility of a priest. By a house blessing a priest can consecrate a family and house to God. When was the last time your house was blessed? It will bring a lot of blessings to the family. Moreover, it is an occasion for a family and priest to sit together and talk to know each other. You don’t need to do anything, just let me know your time and convenient date. I will come and bless your home. God Bless. Thank you. Fr George.

RECENTLY DECEASED:  Wilfrid Billington,  Brian Gray

ANNIVERSARIES:  May Loughran,  Albert Phillipson,  Vincent Noblet

SICK AND HOUSEBOUND:  George Morris,  Peter Deacon, Amy Greenhalgh, Margaret Gray,  Thomas Hesse,  Ray Briant,  Vincent Cahill,  Winifred Baxendale

If anyone has a family member or friend you would like to be included in the Sick and Housebound List please inform Fr George.  Similarly, if anyone who is currently on the list no longer wishes or needs to be included please leave a note for Fr George in the Sacristy

IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO IS SICK OR  HOUSEBOUND and would appreciate a visit please let Fr George know either at church or Mobile 07429311437.  The same for anyone who can no longer manage to get to church and would like to receive Holy Communion regularly at home, and for enquiries about baptisms or marriages.

MASS REQUESTS:  Please pass all requests for Masses to Fr George, preferably using the forms and envelopes available in the porch.  If you wish to Gift Aid your donation you will need to complete a Gift Aid form (available in the porch),  even if you have already completed one for other donations. Thank you.

COLLECTIONS:  The Offertory collection last weekend, amounted to £390.99, including £244.00 Gift Aided.

READERS FOR NEXT WEEKEND:  Sat. 23rd Mar. T Lowe      Sun. 24th Mar.  E Humphrey

SEMINARIANS:  The Archbishop has asked us to pray for the Seminarians from Liverpool Archdiocese who are currently studying for the priesthood.  There is a poster on the Notice Board with names and photos.

St CHAD'S 200 CLUB:  This aims to provide  income for the parish/school levy for our schools by means of a monthly draw. As the new financial year is about to start, this is the time to renew your shares or to take out new ones for the next 12 months. One share costs £12 and is entered in the draw each month. The draw takes place in the school. Money can be paid by cash or cheque, and can be given to Mrs Olga Lowe or Mr Peter Hughes or one of the collectors. Please make cheques payable to St Chad’s School, and print your name, address and telephone number in full on the envelope containing the money.

ROTAS:  New Readers / Eucharistic Ministers' rotas covering February to Easter are available at the back of church.  Please take one and let Josie know of any problems.

SYNOD PRAYER:  We will say the prayer together after every Mass so, please make sure you have your prayer card handy.  More cards are available at the back of church.

SYNOD 2020. TOGETHER ON THE ROAD.  2nd Sunday of Lent: The Transfiguration

Pope Francis insists that we can experience the wonder of a personal encounter with Jesus and it will transform our lives with a joy we can share with others

To ponder: The disciples were filled with joy during this new experience of the presence of Christ

Question: Can I recall a time when I experienced a personal encounter with Jesus? What were the circumstances? How can I open myself every day?

To ponder: If you have the joy of Jesus in your heart, please let your face know!

Question: When have I seen the joy of the Gospel on someone’s face? What helps me to overcome feelings of dejection and discouragement?

To ponder: People are sometimes put off the Church because of the way it’s representatives behave. At other times they may be drawn by our warmth

Question: Do I know anyone who feels they have been hurt or rejected by the Church. What would help hem to feel welcome again?

To ponder: Seeing Jesus in glory helped Peter, James and John cope with the traumatic events later. Our encounters with Jesus can give us hope too.

Question: When have I found hope in the midst of suffering or darkness? What signs of new life can encourage people today?

IMPORTANT DATE FOR YOUR DIARIES: Holy Week 'Reconciliation' Retreat. Tuesday 16th April, 2019. At St Chad's Church .  With Fr Chris Thomas and Sr Moira Meeghan.  2.15 pm - 7.30pm approx.  Talks, Reflection with Expositions and a Reconciliation Service with opportunity for Confessions. Sr Moira recently led the recent Bread of Life day of Reflection here at St Chad's.  It was a valuable experience and those who attended felt they had gained a great deal of spiritual understanding and uplifting inspiration. Fr Chris works alongside Sr Moira at the Irenaeus Project which is an initiative of the Archdioceses based in Liverpool.  Everyone is encouraged to attend; more details to come as arrangements are firmed up.

RETIRING COLLECTION Today CAFOD’S Lent Family Fast Day collection for cash donations or envelopes will be today. As usual, the fund will remain open until the end of March. Please take a leaflet and prayer card from the porch.

RETIRING COLLECTION NEXT WEEKEND, 23rd/24th March, is a mandatory collection for Nugent, a charity which cares for the needy of the Archdiocese.  The Lenten Alms collection is also for this charity

VISITORS THIS WEEKEND:  On Saturday, March 16th, at the Vigil Mass, Fr Simon Gore will tell us about his work as Director of Youth Ministry with Animate, the Archdiocese organisation for youth.

On Sunday, March 17th, at the 9am Mass, students from Holy Cross High School will tell us about the ministry they carry out within the school. Please give them all a warm St Chad’s welcome.

PARISH BRUNCH: is on Sunday 31st March, after 9.00am Mass. Apologies for the event falling on Mother’s Day. The meal will be served from 10am and we hope to raise enough funds to help the beleaguered Christians trying to live in the Holy Land and to support schools.

An adult meal is £4.50, £2.00 per child. Booking forms are available from Collectors or J. Noblet.

Money is not needed in advance but return slips with names are needed. Any parishioners who wish to join us for a coffee will be welcome but there will be no cakes. Thank you. J Noblet

PASSION PLAY, ADVANCE NOTICE. The children of St Chad’s Primary School will present a Passion Play in church at 2pm on Thursday, 4th April 2019. Sue Faulkner, from LACE in Liverpool will also give a brief talk about establishing Family Groups within the parish.

CAR FOR SALE !!  Fr George would like to sell his car.  It is an A160 Classic Mercedes A Class, 2012 Reg, MOT until June, Automatic, Diesel, 48,000 miles, excellent all round condition. Full service history.  Price negotiable.  Please ring Fr George on 07429311437 for more information

PLEASE PRAY for women seeking abortion, the fathers, the families, staff of abortion centres and the local communities.  They all need conversion of heart.  Prayer cards are available in the porch for this purpose with Our Lady of Walsingham and a prayer for the conversion of England.  On the reverse is a a photo of the Twickenham abortion centre which used to be a hostel run by Catholic nuns.

JUSTICE & PEACE GROUP:  Meet once a month at St Bede’s. All invited to join. Please phone Susan Torevell for more details: 07753526908

DIGITAL LEADERS:  Within St Chad’s school we have a group of children known as Digital Leaders who love new technology and have a good level of skill. They carry out a role in school supporting fellow pupils and would like extend and share their knowledge to help others, of all ages, in the local community. To find out if such help is needed and would be welcome they are asking if parishioners would find out more about their project and kindly complete a very short survey. If such a need is identified the plan is to offer drop-in sessions and/or sessions on specific topics, such as Online Safety, for which the school should be able to provide the hardware required. Forms are available at the back of church. Please take one, complete it and return it to the school office. The Digital Helpers of St Chad’s thank you very much for your interest and help.

LOURDES 2019.  Youth Pilgrimage, 18-27 July, 2019 for ages 15-22. See the poster at the back of church for details of how to download application forms on 1st October through

STAMPS:  The parish collects stamps to help support the fundraising activities of Derian House. To help this very worthy cause please place used and unwanted stamps in the box in the church porch.

HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY:  If you or a family member is in hospital you need to tell the nurse who takes your details that you are a Catholic AND that you wish to see a Catholic Chaplain, otherwise the chaplaincy team (which includes lay ministers) will not be aware of your stay. Please ring St Joseph's Presbytery, 01257 262713 if any member of your family in Chorley Hospital needs visiting.  In an emergency ask staff to contact immediately the on-call Catholic Priest via the switchboard.

CATHOLIC TELEVISION - EWTN - Sky 589 under the Religion category.    EWTN Radio - Sky 0147

Have a look at our CATHEDRAL WEBSITE:   Lots of future events listed.


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