St Chad's, South Hill, Whittle-le-Woods

Serving the Catholic Community at South Hill since 1791

St Chad's, South Hill, 237 Town Lane, Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley, PR6 8AJ    Tel. 01257 270162 / 07429311437

Priest-in-charge:  Fr George Cheeramkuzhy

 Administrator:  Fr Francis Marsden VF

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14th October 2018.  28th Week of Ordinary Time


MASSES                                                                                                                   INTENTIONS                                                                                                  FEASTS

Oct 13th               Saturday  5.00 pm  Vigil MASS                                              Terence McCarrick

Oct 14th               Sunday  9.00 am   MASS                                                        Parishioners

1.00 pm  Baptism - Isobel Louisa Topp

Oct 15th               Monday  No Mass or Eucharistic Service                                                                                                                                                        St Teresa of Avila

Oct 16th               Tuesday 9.15 am  MASS                                                        Mary Yates (Foundation)                                                                                  St Margaret Mary Alacoque

Oct 17th               Wednesday 9.15 am   Eucharistic Service                                                                                                                                                       St Ignatius of Antioch

Oct 18th               Thursday   9.15 am   MASS   with Class 2                            Bernard Elcox RIP                                                                                             St Luke, Evamgelist

Oct 19th               Friday  No Mass or Eucharistic Service                                                                                                                                                            St John de Brebeuf & Isaac Jogues & Companions

Oct 20th               Saturday  5.00 pm Vigil MASS                                               Margaret Matthews (Anniversary)

Oct 21st               Sunday   9.00 am   MASS                                                       Parishioners

EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT:  Saturday 4.00pm          CONFESSIONS: Saturday 4.15 - 4.45pm.   The  ROSARY is said at 8.55am before 9.15am Mass / Eucharistic Service.

ST BEDE'S MASS TIMES:    Sat 6.30pm,  Sun  10.30am,  Wed and Fri  9.15am


The central theme of today's Gospel is Discipleship (Mark 10:17-30). How can we become true disciples?  Here Mark presents a story for his community in a very interesting manner.  He starts with the story of a man approaching Jesus with a question.  He wanted to know what he should do to get eternal life.  Jesus asked him what he is doing right now to achieve that goal. The man said that he had kept the ten commandments from his childhood.  Jesus acknowledged that young man's actions and appreciates that following the commandments is the basic thing. Then Jesus pointed out to him that he lacks one thing, that is, he should sell all his property and follow Jesus.  When the young man heard this he was very sad and slowly left Jesus because he was not willing to part with his wealth.  He was a rich man and, although he was good, he relied on material things rather than on God.

The Book of Wisdom considers wealth as being of no value.  The Spirit of Wisdom is magnificent.  The author of the book of Wisdom esteemed Wisdom as more precious than sceptres and thrones and says that no jewel is equal to the power of the Holy Spirit.  All earthly things are perishable.  Only God is everlasting and supremely beautiful.

Jesus calls everyone to follow him, to love him and to imitate him. He is not forcing us to do so; he invites us to follow him with great love.  He shows the way to eternal life.  Eternal life is not something which we can achieve very easily; we have to work hard.  We need to abandon many of our earthly desires for things we consider precious. Wealth is something most people consider significant.  Wealth is a gift from God for us to be used and shared but we should not have an attachment to wealth.  It will destroy our spiritual life.  Jews considered riches as a blessing from God for helping others especially for almsgiving to support the poor.  Here Jesus points out that wealth can be an obstacle to discipleship.  Inordinate attachment to wealth prevents us from following Jesus.

We cannot be true disciples of Christ if we are too much after worldly things.  

God Bless,  Fr George.

Induction as Priest-in-Charge.  Fr George Cheeramkuzhy will be inducted as Priest-in-Charge of St Bede's and St Chad's on 30th October at 7pm in St Bede's.  His Grace the Most Rev Malcolm McMahon, OP, Archbishop of Liverpool, will officiate at the Induction and at the solemn concelebrated Mass together with priests from the Chorley Deanery.  All from St Chad's are invited for the celebration and for refreshments in the School Hall afterwards.    Everyone who intends to attend the Mass and refreshments is asked to take a pebble from a box in the porch and place it in the box labelled for this use.  This will enable us to know how much food and drink to arrange and to avoid wastage.   Thank you very much.

HOUSE BLESSING.  House Blessing is a very important sacramental, which every priest does annually.  It is part of the pastoral responsibility of a priest.  By House Blessing a priest can consecrate a family and house to God.  When was the last time your house was blessed?  It will bring lots of blessings to the family.  Moreover, it is an occasion for a family and priest to sit together and talk to know each other.  You don't need to do anything, just let me know your time and convenient date.  I will come and bless your house.  God Bless.  Thank you.  Fr George, your priest.

ST BEDE'S MASS TIMES:  Saturday 6.30pm, Sunday 10.30 am,  Wednesday and Friday 9.15am.

RECENTLY DECEASED:   Rose Mary Rickerby,  Bernard Elcox

ANNIVERSARIES:   Patrick Joseph Cain, Anne Clitheroe, Terence McCarrick, Lydia Grace Maher, Wilfred Nolan, Bridget Todd

SICK AND HOUSEBOUND:  George Morris,  Peter Deacon, Amy Greenhalgh, Margaret Gray,  Thomas Hesse,  Ray Briant,  Vincent Cahill,  Anna Leonard

If anyone has a family member or friend you would like to be included in the Sick and Housebound List please inform Fr George.  Similarly, if anyone who is currently on the list no longer wishes or needs to be included please leave a note for Fr George in the Sacristy

IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO IS SICK OR HOUSEBOUND and would appreciate a visit please let Fr George know either at church or at the presbytery on 01257 270162 or Mobile 07429311437.  The same for anyone who can no longer manage to get to church and would like to receive Holy Communion regularly at home, and for enquiries about baptisms or marriages.

MASS REQUESTS:  Please pass all requests for Masses to Fr George, preferably using the forms and envelopes available in the porch.  If you wish to Gift Aid your donation you will need to complete a Gift Aid form (available in the porch),  even if you have already completed one for other donations. Thank you.

COLLECTIONS:  The Offertory collection last weekend, amounted to £400.68, including £206.99 Gift Aided. CAFOD donations to date amount to £160.98 including £65.00 Gift Aided.  The fund is open until the end of October.

READERS FOR NEXT WEEKEND:  Sat. 20th Oct. P  Hughes,   Sun. 21st Sept. A Rigby

KNIT & NATTER GROUP  will meet on on Wednesday 17th October in the Parish Centre 1.30 - 3.30pm.  All welcome. You don't need to be a knitter, we do other crafts as well.

COFFEE MORNING: TODAY (Sunday) in the Parish Centre after 9.00am Mass.  Funds raised are for Little Church and their preparations for Christmas in conjunction with CAFOD.  Christmas cards, Advents Calendars, 2019 Diaries etc will be on sale.  

LOURDES 2019.  Youth Pilgrimage, 18-27 July, 2019 for ages 15-22. See the poster at the back of church for details of how to download application forms on 1st October through

ANIMATE - the next Cymfed event for youth; 'Flame' on 2nd March 2019. Bookings being taken now, £25 for ticket and travel, at  See the poster for speakers and contact nos.

RETIRING COLLECTION:  Sunday 21st October is World Mission Sunday.  Missio has provided Gift Aid envelopes for those who wish to enhance their donation. Please take one with you today.

A DAY WITH MARY THE MOTHER OF GOD:  On Friday, 26th October there will be an afternoon of Reflection, Prayer and Teaching about the role of Our Blessed Lady in the life of the Church and Believers at St Joseph's Church, Wrightington from noon to 4pm.  Please see the poster in the porch for essential details.

FEAST OF THE WEEK:  St John de Brebeuf and Isaac Jogues and Companions.  The two priests and six others were Jesuit Missionaries in North America in the early 1600's and were put to death by Native Americans.

NOVEMBER PIOUS LIST:  Please start to prepare names of those Holy Souls you wish to be included in this year's Pious List.  A box will be available in which to place names and donations by the beginning of November.

ADVANCE NOTICE:  The Annual Christmas Draw and Parish Lunch will be held on 2nd December. Tickets will be on sale shortly. What we need now is the promise of prizes!  Please let Josie Noblet know if you are able to provide a prize.  Thank you very much.

CHRISTMAS FLOWERS:  As last year's church floral decorations were greatly admired it is proposed to repeat the displays again this year.  Donations and dedications will be very welcome as previously.  Details of how to contribute towards the cost of flowers and/or make dedications will be given in due course.

STAMPS:  The parish collects stamps to help support the fundraising activities of Derian House. To help this very worthy cause please place used and unwanted stamps in the box in the church porch.

HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY:  If you or a family member is in hospital you need to tell the nurse who takes your details that you are a Catholic AND that you wish to see a Catholic Chaplain, otherwise the chaplaincy team (which includes lay ministers) will not be aware of your stay. Please ring St Joseph's Presbytery, 01257 262713 if any member of your family in Chorley Hospital needs visiting.  In an emergency ask staff to contact immediately the on-call Catholic Priest via the switchboard.


CATHOLIC TELEVISION - EWTN - Sky 589 under the Religion category.    EWTN Radio - Sky 0147

Have a look at our CATHEDRAL WEBSITE:   Lots of future events listed.


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