St Chad's, South Hill, Whittle-le-Woods

Serving the Catholic Community at South Hill since 1791

St Chad's, South Hill, 237 Town Lane, Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley, PR6 8AJ    Tel. 01257 270162 / 07429311437

Priest-in-charge:  Fr George Joseph Cheeramkuzhy

 Administrator:  Fr Francis Marsden VF

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12th August 2018.  19th Week of Ordinary Time


MASSES                                                                                                                   INTENTIONS                                                            FEASTS

August 11th                 Saturday  5.00 pm  Vigil MASS                                         Gerard Bolton

August 12th                 Sunday  9.00 am   MASS                                                   Parishioners

August 13th                 Monday  No Mass or Eucharistic Service                                                                                                          St Pontianus, Pope & St Hyppolytus, Priest & Martyr

August 14th                 Tuesday 9.15 am  MASS                                                   Gorden Hunt                                                            St Maximilian Kolbe, Priest & Martyr

August 15th                 Wednesday 10.30 am   MASS                                          Holy Day of Obligation                                       Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

August 16th                 Thursday   9.15 am   MASS                                              Gannon, Snape & Fowler Families                         St Stephen of Hungary

August 17th                 Friday  No Mass or Eucharistic Service

August 18th                 Saturday  5.00pm  Vigil MASS                                           Rita & Edward Kane (Foundation)

August 19th                 Sunday   9.00 am   MASS                                                   Thomas and Clara Noblet (Anniversary)

EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT:  Saturday 4.00pm          CONFESSIONS: Saturday 4.15 - 4.45pm.   The  ROSARY is said at 8.55am before Mass / Eucharistic Service.

ST BEDE'S MASS TIMES:  Saturday 6.30pm, Sunday 10.30 am,  Wednesday and Friday 9.15am.

HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION:  Wednesday. 15th August is the Solemnity of the Assumption of our Blessed Lady.  Masses will be at St Chad's at 10.30am and at St Bede's at 9.15am and 7.00pm.


ANNIVERSARIES:   Ronald James Robinson,  Emily Roe, Marie Davis.

WELCOME:  The parishioners of St Chad's would like to extend a warm welcome to Fr George and hope that he will settle in quickly and enjoy his time with us.

SICK AND HOUSEBOUND:  George Morris,  Peter Deacon, Amy Greenhalgh, Margaret Gray,  Thomas Hesse,  Ray Briant,  Vincent Cahill,  Anna Leonard

If anyone has a family member or friend you would like to be included in the Sick and Housebound List please inform Fr George.  Similarly, if anyone who is currently on the list no longer wishes or needs to be included please leave a note for Fr George in the Sacristy

IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO IS SICK OR HOUSEBOUND and would appreciate a visit please let Fr George know either at church or at the presbytery on 01257 270162 or Mobile 07429311437.  The same for anyone who can no longer manage to get to church and would like to receive Holy Communion regularly at home, and for enquiries about baptisms or marriages.

MASS REQUESTS:  Please pass all requests for Masses to Fr George, preferably using the forms and envelopes available in the porch.  If you wish to Gift Aid your donation you will need to complete a Gift Aid form (available in the porch),  even if you have already completed one for other donations. Thank you.

COLLECTIONS:  The Offertory collection last weekend, amounted to £430.62, including £231.78 gift aided.

GIFT-AID STATEMENTS are now available at the back of church for all who have Gift-Aided their donations during 2017/18.  Please take yours - you will need it if you have to complete a tax return. Any not taken at the end of this year will be disposed of.

READERS FOR NEXT WEEKEND:  Sat 18th Aug. T Lowe,   Sun 19th Aug. M Rigby

A MESSAGE FROM FR GEORGE:  John 6:41-51 is the Gospel for our reflection today.  It is a continuation of the bread of life discourse on previous Sundays.  We have learned from previous readings that Jesus is the bread of life.  Whenever Jesus addressed the congregation and spoke about life-giving bread there was confusion among the hearers. Some people murmured. Some left him. They thought he was giving them his mortal body. Cannibalism was repugnant in the Old Testament. Jesus was not talking about his mortal body but about his glorified body after the resurrection.

What is this life-giving bread?  It is the Holy Eucharist we receive at every Holy Communion. But that is not the mortal flesh of Christ but the glorified and divine flesh of Christ. And again he is giving us his word.  His teachings are bread for our life.  When we carefully listen to the gospel and homily we receive the word of God which is the life -giving bread.  This bread is different from earthly food and not perishable. At every Mass today we are fortunate to receive the divine food which leads to immortality and supernatural life.  Jesus invites us to approach the altar to benefit from this supernatural food.

House Blessing.  House Blessing is a very important sacramental, which every priest does annually.  It is part of the pastoral responsibility of a priest.  By House Blessing a priest can consecrate a family and house to God.  When was the last time your house was blessed?  It will bring lots of blessings to the family.  Moreover, it is an occasion for a family and priest to sit together and talk to know each other.  You don't need to do anything, just let me know your time and convenient date.  I will come and bless your house.  God Bless.  Thank you.  Fr George, your priest.

UNSAFE GRAVESTONES:  Mr Kevin Harvey, Health & Safety Surveyor from the Archdioceses, visited St Chad's recently.  Before leaving, he inspected the graveyard and found half a dozen headstones which he considered very unsafe and, to avoid any accidents, he laid them flat.  Mr Harvey will return in due course to attach a letter to each of these headstones explaining his actions and what needs to be done. More information will be given when we have it.

WALK WITH ME: Eucharistic Reflections:  This new booklet from 'Bible Alive' is available in the porch at £1.30 per copy. Pope Francis and our Bishops have stressed the need for members of the Church to return to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, either through Holy Hours, Quarante Ore's or private visits to churches.  This little book helps us to understand and develop; in the words of Cardinal Nicols, ' It is truly a treasure house which gives us food for prayer and contemplation'.

DIVORCED & SEPARATED SUPPORT:  from the Archdiocesan Marriage and Family Formation): The course is for anyone who is going through, or has gone through, a relationship breakdown. People can be at any stage in the process - they may have been recently separated or divorced for many years -the course is designed for anyone whose committed relationship has ended.  For further details see the poster at the back of church or contact Maureen O'Brien on 07967 753371, or Jacqui on 07793 825815,

THE MINISTRY OF CONSOLATION:  St Chad's used to have a Bereavement Team which was well received and much missed by parish workers.  The Archdiocese is about to run a basic training course to help parishes set up Bereavement Care teams.  The two sessions will take place in Liverpool on two afternoons in October.  Initially, if you are interested, please contact Fr George or Josie Noblet (265498) as this is not a project for an individual.

STAMPS:  The parish collects stamps to help support the fundraising activities of Derian House. To help this very worthy cause please place used and unwanted stamps in the box in the church porch.

HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY:  If you or a family member is in hospital you need to tell the nurse who takes your details that you are a Catholic AND that you wish to see a Catholic Chaplain, otherwise the chaplaincy team (which includes lay ministers) will not be aware of your stay. Please ring St Joseph's Presbytery, 01257 262713 if any member of your family in Chorley Hospital needs visiting.  In an emergency ask staff to contact immediately the on-call Catholic Priest via the switchboard.


CATHOLIC TELEVISION - EWTN - Sky 589 under the Religion category.    EWTN Radio - Sky 0147

Have a look at our CATHEDRAL WEBSITE:   Lots of future events listed.


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