St Chad's, South Hill, Whittle-le-Woods

Serving the Catholic Community at South Hill since 1791

St Chad's, South Hill, 237 Town Lane, Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley, PR6 8AJ    Tel. 07429311437

Priest-in-charge:  Fr George Cheeramkuzhy

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16th December 2018.  3rd  Sunday of Advent Year C


                               MASSES                                                                                  INTENTIONS                                                                                                  FEASTS

Dec 15th               Saturday  5.00 pm  Vigil MASS                                              William and Ivy Smith

Dec 16th               Sunday  9.00 am   MASS                                                        Parishioners

12.30 pm Baptism   Alice Poppy Garratt

Dec 17th               Monday  No Mass or Eucharistic Service

Dec 18th               Tuesday 9.15 am  MASS                                                         Alice & Harry Prescott

Dec 19th               Wednesday 9.15 am   Eucharistic Service

Dec 20th               Thursday   5.30 pm   Advent Recollections, including Mass                 

Dec 21st                Friday   5.30 pm   Advent Recollections, including Mass  and Confessions                                                                                              St Peter Canisius

Dec 22nd              Saturday  5.00 pm Vigil MASS                                               Parishioners

Dec 23rd               Sunday   9.00 am   MASS                                                       Anne Murphy RIP

Reception into the Holy Catholic Church     Edith Rowlands

12.30pm   Baptism   Darcie Casey-Pearson

EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT:  Saturday 4.00pm          CONFESSIONS: Saturday 4.15 - 4.45pm.   The  ROSARY is said at 8.55am before 9.15am Mass / Eucharistic Service.

ST BEDE'S MASS TIMES:    Sat 6.30pm,  Sun  10.30am,  Wed and Fri  9.15am

MESSAGE FROM FR GEORGE:   Sincerity in Repentance

Today we continue to reflect on what John the Baptist was preaching in the desert. John was challenging the people who came to him for baptism for conversion. As he was preaching a baptism of repentance, he challenged people for change. His call was a call for a return to social justice. He challenged them to practice honesty and generosity. John questioned the sincerity of their conversion. He wanted people to take a new way of life by receiving the word of God. People called him a Teacher and asked him what they should do, what they needed to do in their life. Common folk approached him. He told them to share what they have with others. If they have two tunics, then they should give one to those who have none and also to share food with those who have nothing to eat.

Tax collectors were asked to stop collecting more than what was prescribed. Roman soldiers were advised to not practice extortion and not falsely accuse anyone. He also told them to be satisfied with their wages.

In this manner John The Baptist invited people to make radical changes in their life, to welcome the Messiah into their life and prepare for the messianic age and thus be members of God’s Kingdom.

The Old Testament, through the voices of many of its prophets, speaks of the Day of the Lord. According to Isaiah (13:9), God will come one day in judgement and display his wrath against sin and sinners. God will vindicate his own people by defeating their enemies. Prophet Amos says: God will judge his own sinful people. In the New Testament the Day of the Lord means He will judge the human race and will establish the final reign of God. Psalm 1:4-6 speaks of God’s action of separating the righteous from the wicked.

John told people that Jesus would baptise them with the Holy Spirit and fire. We are people who are baptised with the Holy Spirit and fire. Fire in the biblical sense means God and his actions in the life of his people. The image of fire is used in the bible to state God’s glory (Ezekiel 1:4,13), his protective presence (2Kings 6:17).

Like John the Baptist we need to bear witness to Christ by receiving the word of God in our lives. Let us draw others to Jesus, the Anointed One of God, by our word and good actions.  Let us be role models like John the Baptist and let the fire of the Holy Spirit be always burning in us for change.

God Bless,  Fr George.

ST BEDE'S MASS TIMES:  Saturday 6.30pm, Sunday 10.30 am,  Wednesday and Friday 9.15am.

RECENTLY DECEASED:  Imelda Thompson, Anne Murphy

ANNIVERSARIES:   Peter Wren,  William Hardman

SICK AND HOUSEBOUND:  George Morris,  Peter Deacon, Amy Greenhalgh, Margaret Gray,  Thomas Hesse,  Ray Briant,  Vincent Cahill,  Anna Leonard, Winifred Baxendale

If anyone has a family member or friend you would like to be included in the Sick and Housebound List please inform Fr George.  Similarly, if anyone who is currently on the list no longer wishes or needs to be included please leave a note for Fr George in the Sacristy

IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO IS SICK OR HOUSEBOUND and would appreciate a visit please let Fr George know either at church or Mobile 07429311437.  The same for anyone who can no longer manage to get to church and would like to receive Holy Communion regularly at home, and for enquiries about baptisms or marriages.

MASS REQUESTS:  Please pass all requests for Masses to Fr George, preferably using the forms and envelopes available in the porch.  If you wish to Gift Aid your donation you will need to complete a Gift Aid form (available in the porch),  even if you have already completed one for other donations. Thank you.

COLLECTIONS:  The Offertory collection last weekend, amounted to £393.82, including £221.90 Gift Aided.

READERS FOR NEXT WEEKEND:  Sat. 22nd Dec. T Lowe,   Sun. 23rd Dec. A Rigby


Thursday 20th Dec. 5.30pm  Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament,   6.00pm Holy Mass,   6.30pm  'God's Redemptive Love' - Talk by Fr Santiago

Friday  21st Dec. 5.30pm Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament,  6.00pm Holy Mass,  6.30pm 'God's Mercy and Forgiveness' - Talk by Fr Santiago. Confessions available from 7.00pm onwards



                                               St Chad's                              St Bede's

Sun 23rd Dec                        9.00 am                                 10.30 am

Mon 24th Dec                       6.30 pm                                  8.30 pm

Tues 25th  Dec                      9.00 am                                 11.00 am

Wed 26th Dec                      10.30 am                                   9.15 am

Thur 27th & Fri 28th Dec.  no Mass or Eucharistic Service in either parish.

Sat 29th & Sun 30th Dec. normal Mass times in both parishes

Mon 31st Dec. No Mass or Eucharistic Service in either parish

Tues  1st Jan 2019                 9.15 am                                   10.30 am

Lisieux Hall:  Christmas Eve,  Monday 24th December 7.30pm


HELP NEEDED TO ASSEMBLE THE CRIB: The crib is being put up after Mass on Sunday 16th December. Volunteers are needed to help as this is a heavy task when left to a few.

Thank you. Debbie Holland.

CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY: Cancelled through lack of support

CHRISTMAS FLOWERS:   If anyone would like to dedicate a plant please could you place your dedication and a donation of £5 in an envelope. A card with your dedication will then be placed with a plant. The money placed in the blue box at the back of Church during Advent will also be used for flowers.

CHRISTMAS CARDS, ADVENT CALENDARS, CRIBS and CANDLES  are in the church porch. Please put money into the container or write a note for me.  Thank you.  J Noblet.

WALK WITH ME: The little booklets are here for Advent and Christmas, with the daily Meditation and Prayer to assist us through the penitential period of Advent. Please take one from the porch at a cost of £1 each and place the money in the ‘Papers’ slot of the money box

200 CLUB Results - November:  1.  £50   No 177  Mr B Bunting.   2.  £30   No  76  Mrs M Shorrock.   3.  £20   No 139   Mrs V Farnworth.

DIGITAL LEADERS:  Within St Chad’s school we have a group of children known as Digital Leaders who love new technology and have a good level of skill. They carry out a role in school supporting fellow pupils and would like extend and share their knowledge to help others, of all ages, in the local community. To find out if such help is needed and would be welcome they are asking if parishioners would find out more about their project and kindly complete a very short survey. If such a need is identified the plan is to offer drop-in sessions and/or sessions on specific topics, such as Online Safety, for which the school should be able to provide the hardware required. Forms are available at the back of church. Please take one, complete it and return it to the school office. The Digital Helpers of St Chad’s thank you very much for your interest and help.

LOURDES 2019.  Youth Pilgrimage, 18-27 July, 2019 for ages 15-22. See the poster at the back of church for details of how to download application forms on 1st October through

ANIMATE - the next Cymfed event for youth; 'Flame' on 2nd March 2019. Bookings being taken now, £25 for ticket and travel, at  See poster for speakers and contact nos.

FEAST OF THE WEEK:   St. Peter Canisius, a Dutch Jesuit and associate of St Ignatius. He won many lapsed and wavering Catholics to the Church through his preaching and popular catechism. He died in 1597 and is acclaimed as the second apostle of Germany.

STAMPS:  The parish collects stamps to help support the fundraising activities of Derian House. To help this very worthy cause please place used and unwanted stamps in the box in the church porch.

HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY:  If you or a family member is in hospital you need to tell the nurse who takes your details that you are a Catholic AND that you wish to see a Catholic Chaplain, otherwise the chaplaincy team (which includes lay ministers) will not be aware of your stay. Please ring St Joseph's Presbytery, 01257 262713 if any member of your family in Chorley Hospital needs visiting.  In an emergency ask staff to contact immediately the on-call Catholic Priest via the switchboard.

CATHOLIC TELEVISION - EWTN - Sky 589 under the Religion category.    EWTN Radio - Sky 0147

Have a look at our CATHEDRAL WEBSITE:   Lots of future events listed.


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