Ministries & Groups



Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

When we receive Holy Communion we receive the Risen Lord Himself: body, blood, soul and divinity. It is a real presence that is both sacramental and personal.  It is the greatest gift we have in the Catholic Church.  Here at St Chad's we are blessed to have a faithful group of parishioners who have been specially commissioned to take Holy Communion to those who are sick and housebound.  It is a ministry that is greatly appreciated by those confined to their homes. If you know of anyone who becomes sick and housebound and would welcome a weekly visit from a Minister with Holy Communion please let Josie Noblet know know.


All scripture is inspired by God (2 Tim 3,16). This means that God has breathed his divine words into the Bible through the human words of the human authors. At Mass, when readings are read aloud, the reader lends his or her human voice to God so that God can speak His own words to the congregation.  St Chad's parish has a good group of lay readers who undertake this important ministry as the Church takes us on a grand tour of the Bible every year.

Altar Servers

Altar servers form a very important part of the St Chad's family and the parish is enriched through their dedication and service.

We welcome boys and girls who have already made their First Communion to join our growing team of Altar Servers.  If you are interested in becoming an Altar Server just come to the Sacristy before Mass and tell Fr Mark, or the lay representative who is organising the servers for Mass. All lay representatives have been through the relevant Vetting and Barring process.

An Alb, the long tunic - worn since the 4th Century) will be provided for you and you will receive appropriate training to get you started.  During the training you will be given some basic information about the workings of the Catholic Church and learn how to carry out specific roles and tasks while serving on the altar.  These roles include:

Cross bearer - the server who carries the processional cross at the beginning and end of Mass.

Acolyte - Acolytes serve in pairs and carry candles at the beginning and end of Mass, as well as at the Gospel and Offertory procession.

Book bearer - This server has the role of holding the book of prayer for the priest at the beginning and end of Mass.

Bell ringer - This server rings the bells and strikes the gong at the Consecration.

Offertory collector - The role of this server is to receive the collection and take it to the altar as required.

Thurifer - This is an experienced server who carries the Thurible. The Thurible is required during Mass and it is the job of the Thurifer to have it ready as required.

Boat bearer - The boat contains incense that is used in the Thurible.  It is the boat bearer's role to make sure that the boat is available when required by the Priest and the Thurifer.

There is no job description for the Altar Service but we do have some basic requests:

  • to wear black (and clean) footwear
  • to arrive at the church fifteen minutes before Mass begins
  • to make sure they have had something to eat and drink and been to the toilet before coming to church

Serving on the altar is an honour which increases understanding and enjoyment of the Mass, so, if you are interested please don't be shy and come forward.



Various groups are involved in the running of the Parish, and new members are always welcome to join. If you feel that you are able to offer your services to any of the groups listed below, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office.

Children's Catechesis

Children's Catechesis, (Little Church) runs most Sundays through the year with a short break in the summer holidays.  It is designed to bring the Liturgy to young children who have not yet made their First Holy Communion at a level they can more easily understand.  We have a small team of helpers, all being parents in the parish and DBS cleared.

Children are called forward by Father at the beginning of Mass and then process with two helpers to a room in the presbytery.  They later return to take part in the Offertory Procession and the children then return to their families.

During Children's Catechesis we welcome the children, listen to a short Gospel reading and talk about how we can apply it to our own lives.  We have prayers and activities such as singing, simple acting out of the Gospel story, drawing, writing, colouring or simple craft activities.  Sometimes the children will bring home a picture or something else they've made to help remind them of the Gospel during the week ahead.

When children first join us they may be accompanied by a parent for one or two sessions, but they will very soon settle in and enjoy our happy celebrations.  We are always delighted to welcome new children.  If you would like more information please ask any of our team after Mass or email


The choir attends the 9.15am Mass every Sunday and leads the congregation in the singing of the hymns and parts of the Mass.  They also perform the same function for special occasions throughout the year such as Easter and Christmas.  Usually, after Sunday Mass, there is a short practice to discuss the programme for the following week with extra practices before special occasions.

New members of all ages are always welcome, without any  formalities or auditions.  If you feel you would like to join the choir or get more information, just pop up into the choir loft when the choir is there and you will be greeted with a hymn book and a big smile.

Flower Arrangers

At present we have a team of ten ladies who provide floral arrangements throughout the year with the exception of the Lent and Advent periods.  They take it in turns to buy, arrange and look after the flowers on a monthly basis.  At Christmas and Easter the whole team helps. The funding of flowers is by donation and Coffee Mornings.  The amount spent on flowers per week is about £15.

Anyone interested in arranging the church flowers would be very welcome.  No experience is required as everyone works to their own abilities.

Cleaning Team

Each Wednesday morning, at 9:00 am, or after Mass or Eucharistic Service when this is celebrated, a small but dedicated team descend upon the church and Sacristy and proceed to maintain the sparkle of the whole place.

Washing and ironing of altar cloths, towels, purificators for sacred vessels and keeping the holy water container and stoops in the porch all filled ready for use by parishioners, is all part of this vital work.  Carrying out these duties also helps the team to socialise over a cup of tea when they have finished and occasionally extend this to a meal out at a local restaurant.

Anyone wishing to join this happy and friendly band would be more than welcome - just turn up and you will be put to good use.

Coffee Mornings

These are held in the Parish Centre after the 9:15 am Mass on a Sunday. St Chad's parish tries to have one each month (except August and December) as a community activity to enable individuals and families to strengthen friendships and to meet other parishioners.

The events are run by different parish organisations and groups and the donations they receive contribute to their funds or to Charity.  To ask for further information they can contact J. Noblet on 01257 265498

Help the Homeless

This is a Chorley-based Charity with offices at 45 Clifford Street.  It is a walk-in centre for the homeless and those with related problems.  It offers counselling by professionals as well as practical help, providing household equipment such as kitchen and cooking utensils, and household linen.  It also operates a Food Bank for needy families.

St Chad's parishioners have always been generous in donating food and household items, as well as having an annual collection.  There is hardly a week goes by when food cannot be taken to Clifford Street.

Food and household articles can be placed in the collection tub in the church porch.  For larger items please contact Mrs. Olga Lowe on 01257 268900.

St Chad's 200 Club

This is a monthly draw run by St Chad's school and the parish to raise funds for the Church and School Diocesan Levy for schools.  The annual contribution is £15 for one 'Share'.  This is entered monthly into the Draw which takes place in the school.  Each month there are three prizes which total £100; they are £50, £30 and £20 and the winning numbers are published in the school and parish newsletters.

The parish contact is Mrs Olga Lowe (01257 268900), the school contact is Mr J Riley.


The role of the Justice & Peace movement is to tackle poverty, violence, prejudice and injustice, to act on climate change, to protect the environment, and to work for a world where all have access to food, clean water, shelter, health, education and a livelihood.

Chorley Justice & Peace Group is inviting parishioners from all the Catholic Parishes in the Chorley Pastoral Area who are interested in supporting this work to join them.

For more information on justice & peace or if you would like to be involved in the Group’s activities after lockdown or to support them in any way, please contact Andrew Thomson on 07802 249495 or e-mail

Chorley Catenians

The Catenian Association is an international body of proudly Catholic laymen who meet at least once a month in local units called Circles.  Catenians are committed to faith, family and friendship; they support the Catholic Church, young people, and those in need.  To find out more about the Catenian Association in the Catholic Church, young people and those in need.  To find out more about the Catenian Association in Chorley please click here.